Why TheOilStash

Hello!!! Welcome to the world of essential oils. As begin to explore all things essential oils, you may quickly become overwhelmed. Do Not Fret!! Stick with us, Erin & Lisa, Hello again, and we will explore this world together! Start on a mission! An oily mission!!  
Reason four hundred and twenty-nine for starting this global enterprise The OilStash (jokes!): To excitingly share everything our brains have amassed about oils and their uses! When you follow our blog, group page, and Facebook page you get the full meal deal! 

What is The OilStash:
We are a small home based business making customized essential oil blends, dram samples and diffuser blends, for those that want to incorporate essential oils into their lives without having to be committed to an oil company. We have spent several months going to classes, doing research and making blends for ourselves, our family and friends. Now we want to make them for all of you!
Blends…. well whats a blend?
A blend will consist of a combo of essential oils in roller ball bottles. This is a great way to apply essential oils topically. Since the combo is already made and in a glass roller ball they fit perfect in pockets and can be taken on the go.
What is a dram? 
A dram is a little bottle 5/8 mL and can hold 33-38 drops of oil depending on the thickness of an oil. Some oils are thicker than others and take up more room. 
 Why would you buy a dram vs a full bottle?
Drams are a great way to sample oils at a very low cost. They also fit snuggly in purse, wallets and diaper bags for those who are on the go and like to carry their oils with them.
 Well what if I wanted to sign up as a wholesaler?
We are also Wellness Advocates and for those who want to sign up with wholesale accounts and become Wellness Advocates can do so as well. When you sign up as a wholesaler it comes with some awesome perks. 25% discount on all product, earn product credit to get free oils. Oil of the month! YES! Each month the “Oil of the Month” changes and you can earn the oil. Also several offers for additional percentage off on some Essential oils as well. Send us an e-mail if you would like to know more about becoming a wellness advocate, theoilstash@gmail.com 
You can also sign-up other wholesalers under you and from those sign ups you can earn money back and essential oils.
For our those who don’t want the commitment to an essential oil company and just want to dive into the Oily World, allow The OilStash to help. Erin and I (Lisa) have found many people want to try this blend or that blend without the commitment. That’s were we come in. Contact us, let us make you the blend you need or want. Let us provide you will samples of oils. . Not only will we make you a custom blend we will provide a full write up of what’s in each blend, how to use it. Why these oils work well for your particular need. We really do enjoy being able to help others and teach.
You can visit our shop on Etsy. We are TheOilStash
or just questions in general e-mail us, or leave a comment

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