Natural DIY Facial Care

I do not need to do much reading and/or research to know that the majority of facial care products are loaded down with chemicals. Heck…. pick up just about any facial cleanser at your grocery market.. can you read or even pronounce the ingredients listed?! You have to wonder, just how good is it really for your skin to apply harsh chemicals?!

I have oily to dry skin. I specifically bought products based on the fact, oily to dry skin. I never found any cleansers or moisturizers that help with this issue. Either my face was way too oily or way too dry and I was battling black heads, pimples and breakouts on top of it. I think I tried just about every facial product on the market. I even tried facial products for sensitive skin, thinking maybe the ‘oily to dry’ products, were making it so.

About a year ago, while exploring through DIYs recipes and essential oil uses, I came across making our own facial cleanser and moisturizer. Sweet! Seems simple enough and  I already had on hand all the needed ingredients, in exception of Vitamin E oil and Avocado oil. Those were easy enough to order, Amazon,, local grocery store, pharmacy, etc

Once I had all my needed ingredients. I assembled! From day one, I noticed how great my skin felt all day long. It never felt tight (typically after cleansing my face and between applying moisturizer, my skin would feel tight on my face) never felt oily and was extremely smooth. Fast forward, present day, my skin has never looked or felt so great. It is rare that I have breakouts these days. If you look close enough, you can see I have some black heads along the ridge of my nose and high on my cheeks bones. However, this is about 10% of what it used to be and I will take it.

Every morning I wash my face with my DIY Honey Facial Cleanser. I than apply Alcohol Free Witch Hazel, via cotton ball, along my face, nose, eyebrows and down my neck. Lastly, I apply about a pea size about of my DIY Facial Moisturizer, and gently massage into my face.

AND REMEMBER! If you want to try this product out first, before committing to buying to all required ingredients, send us an e-mail. We will make it and ship it too you!


Useful Links to the products listed in this article! 

Witch Hazel:

Vitamin E Oil:

Avocado Oil:

Honey: Pure, Raw Local Honey (check your local farmers markets)

Essential Oils: Send us an e-mail about the brand of Essential Oils we recommend,

Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap:


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