Summer immune boosting on hot nights 

Just yesterday my little guy turned the big 1, He was also diagnosed with a double ear infection. Seriously!! What a way to spend the 1st birthday fighting a cold and in the summer too!!  With it being  warmer weather then normal this time of year in the PNW we tend to sleep with our windows open, I was immediately drawn to diffusing the Respiratory Blend, this blend will help keep my little guys airways clear and rid that nasty congestion that is making him sick. I also added two drops of lavender, to the Breathe blend, to soothe our airways as we breathe in the cool air.

I was beginning to realize that Respiratory Blend essential oil isn’t just for winter months and fighting colds, it aids in keeping the lungs clear so we can breathe deep and get some peaceful sleep. I started to play with some more mixtures of oils, as I was noticing that in the mornings my throat tends to feel more dry (if the windows have been opened all night) I was wanting to relieve that dry scratchy feeling. So upon waking I will diffuse 1 drop of Respiratory Blend along with 1 drop of lemon while in the shower will add 1 drop of lemon with Lavender, that really seems to do that trick.

If you are starting to feel a cold coming on, you can also apply 1 drop Respiratory Blend along with 1 drop lavender cut with FCO to your back, massage it gently between the shoulder blades. This will enter through your back towards the lungs and aid in keeping the lungs clear. This even works well for those who suffer from allergies.

To find out more on how to get essential oils, We at The OilStash are committed to helping. You can contact us directly via email.

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