10 Uses of Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint!!

 Essential oil use is extremely versatile and every oil works differently for each person!!
Here are 10 uses of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint that you may not have thought of!

Or if you have, it’s a great reminder of how they can be used!


1.) Apply topically to soothe skin irriations from insects (dilute as recommended)

2.) Apply topically to affected area if you have encountered poison ivy/oak

3.) Gently rub 1 drop along your esophagus to calm indigestion (this works with peppermint too)

4.) Add a drop to club soda for a refreshing summer drink

5.) Apply to a cut to stop the bleeding

6.) Add lavender and water in to a spritz bottle and spray your sheets and pillows for a peaceful sleep

7.) Blend lavender and coconut oil together to make a soothing cream for little ones diaper area.

8.) Soothe sunburned skin or chapped lips with lavender
9.) Mix 1/4 cup Epsom salt and Lavender to create a foot soak for feet in need of relaxing
10.) Vinegar is a GREAT cleansing aid, but not the best smelling! Add some lavender to your vinegar spray

1.) Add a drop to your water to liven up the taste (support healthy weight loss)

2.) Salvage all the fresh fruit that gets cut up in the summer time, add some lemon to a bit of water and spritz over cut fruit to keep fresh

3.) Next time a recipe calls for lemon juice, add a drop lemon essential in its place! You won’t be disappointed!!

4.) Wipe down wood cutting boards with Lemon

5.) Works great too for cleansing hardwood floors

6.) Oops! Left laundry sitting in the washer! Add a few drops of lemon and toss in the dryer!!

7.) Add a few drops of lemon to your hands rub together and run your fingers through your hair to cut down on the grease and oils!! Great for weekends filled with camping and lack of showers
8.) Woke up with a pimple!! Apply a drop of lemon (to freshly cleansed skin) and gently massage into your skin! Repeat in the morning and at bedtime
9.) Sticky sap hands?!! Add a drop of lemon and rub your hands together! Rinse! No more sap!
10.) Diffuse in your home to freshen the air


1.) Apply to the bottoms of feet to reduce a fever

2.) Upset tummy?! Naeus?! Gently inhale a few drops of peppermint to calm your body

3.) Diffuse when lacking focus or concentration

4.) Add 1 drop to a cup of hot cocoa!! Mmm!!

5.) Mix peppermint and coconut oil (or any carrier oil) and rub into over worked muscles for soothing!

6.) Quickly freshen breath by adding a drop to your tongue and swishing with a bit of water! (Safe to swallow)

7.) Motion sickness?! Diffuse a bit of peppermint or apply a drop to your wrists and inhale

8.) Make a spritz and spray in areas you’ve seen spiders!! Works with ants too

9.) Gently rub into your temples or the back of your neck to soothe tension

10.) Apply to your throat to protect the immune and respiratory system.


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Disclaimer: Any posts related to matters affecting human health on our blog site is provided for informational purposes and is the result of our research and practical experience. No information should be considered as a “substitute for advice provided by your own trusted medical professional”, nor is any information intended to “promote diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevent of any disease”. You should not use any information on our blog site for diagnosing or treating a health issue or disease. Consult your most trusted health care professional in regard to the personal use, or non-use, of any health-related products.



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