Camping and Essential Oils

Camping just got a whole lot better. With the 100’s of uses within our home, it dawned on me, Why not when we camp? Here is a quick story from my experience in Early May with Essential Oils.

Christopher (he goes by Chris), Monrad (he will be 2 in September) and I enjoyed 8 awesome days of camping!! We loaded up the truck, packed up the camper and towed our Polariz RZR over to Southeast Idaho for some outdoor fun! I brought along my oil stash, of course! I don’t leave home without at least my keychain oil pouch.  I journaled my oily uses while camping and am sharing them here!!

We are almost there!!!

We had a long truck ride on Saturday, 9 hours of travel, including 2 spots. Monrad was getting restless (and so was mom!) I whipped out my lavender eo, took in a few breaths right from the bottle…. and…. awww I feel calm!!  I lightly waved the bottle under Monrads nose and placed 1 drop on the shoulder area of his car seat harness. Our last 45-60 minutes until we hit our destination was blissful!

Quick Morning Booster

We all woke up a tad grumpy on Sunday. Up early to hit the road following our long day in the truck. In my oil stash I brought my portable diffuser. This has come in handy on numberous trips!! Added 2 drops of peppermint and 2 drops of Citrus Bliss blend. You could feel the mood change as we got going for the day!

Just in from our first RZR ride of the week! Such a blast!! Extremely dusty on parts of the trail, but all worth it!! I was ready for a refreshing mid day beverage and I knew just what I wanted!! I like adding some of the essential oils to tonic water! A bit of ice, tonic water and 1 drop of lime in today’s drink! YUMMMM!!!

Breakfast Messes no More

Oops!! We left in a hurry to start our 60-mile exploration out on the range of Arco, ID, on our RZR.  I forgot to clean the pan!! I added (1) drop of Purify with warm some water into the messy bacony, potato, egg coated pan and let sit for about 5 minutes. Grabbed a sponge and BAM! The mess was gone without much effort! Love when camping dishes are easy, even in a camper!!

Sticky Fingers and Owies

Monrad hand a blast collecting massive pine cones from all around the campground. As we washed up for dinner I noticed his hands were covered in sap. FUN!!!  I washed his hands with soap and nada! Still sap sticky! LIGHTBULB! Grabbed my lemon eo, added one drop of lemon to some soap in my hands, and lathered Monrads hands! Rinsed and VOILA!! No more sticky sap fingers!

Speaking of fingers! I know better too, but… without thinking I held an avocado in my left hand, took a knife to stab the pit/seed…. and well, right through the avocado and into my finger!!!! That did not feel good at all! After we got the bleeding to stop I applied 1 drop of Lavender and Frankincense to my knife wound and did so every couple of hours. The husband thought I might need a stitch or two, but we are out in the middle of nowhere! I love when the oils shock and impress me! Woke up the next morning and was relieved to see how much the cut had healed on the surface!!

The “natural” off clip!

SpaRoom portable diffuser and TerraShield Repellent Blend!! Just a few drops of TerraShield eo onto th oil pad and BAM!! Diffusing bugs away in no time!! It really worked!!

In the Camper

We often end up leaving the door to the camper open while making meals, as we are back and forth, in and out, grabbing items for the meal. Christopher placed a few drops of TerraShield onto the tissue. He tucked it up above on the door of the camper! Not a single bug in the camper!!! Not even joking!! Worked like a charm! Blew me away!

I know we used the oils many more times as they are so versatile. Our oils have quickly become intertwined in our daily activities!! Hope you find some awesome uses in your summer adventures!!


Disclaimer: Any posts related to matters affecting human health on our blog site is provided for informational purposes and is the result of our research and practical experience. No information should be considered as a “substitute for advice provided by your own trusted medical professional”, nor is any information intended to “promote diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevent of any disease”. You should not use any information on our blog site for diagnosing or treating a health issue or disease. Consult your most trusted health care professional in regard to the personal use, or non-use, of any health-related products.

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