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Thank you for visiting our blog. We are, Erin and Lisa. Twins!! No doubt!

TheOilStash is evolving. Essential oils will always be the foundation of TheOilStash. We are a multi-faceted small business; a living breathing test subject of essential oils, DIY resource and so much more. As we explore for ourselves what it means to live “more naturally” we hope to share that experience here and be a resource for others.

The use of essential oils has touched our lives in every way. Through being introduced and incorporating essential oils into our lives and our families lives, we have overhauled the way we take care. We want to share what and be a resource for others. May be.. even inspire a few 🙂

We are still offering 100% theraupetic grade essential oils, for sale for personal use. We have been exploring the idea of selling the DIY natural products we make and use every day. Shampoo, body cleanse, baby body cleanse, foaming hand soap, foaming dish soap, all purpose cleansing spray, laundry soap, respiratory support syrup, facial cleanse, facial moisturizer, and so on… From time to time, we make fun products, lotion bars, lip balms, sugar scrubs, lip scrubs…. on and on. Bottom line, any recipe we post, we offer to make it for you for purchasing.

Our posts are not FDA approved, we are not doctors and we do not claim to cure, treat and/or diagnose any one. We are sharing from our personal lives. Please e-mail us or leave a comment.


Erin & Lisa





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